At Noonee Angus Stud, we sell our bulls younger than the market average. 


Selling bulls at 15 - 16 months old allows our customers to access our genetics earlier, and the bulls are younger, fitter and leaner which leads to a longer working life and better return on investment.

Our bulls are also slightly above the average frame size of Angus Bulls, but have additional thickness and length to ensure production of steers that will suit a range of end markets.


Noonee Angus is proud to present a robust line of yearling bulls with outstanding EBVs.  They are ready to work and have passed complete health and semen checks.


Noonee Angus is one of the oldest Angus studs in Central West NSW.  It is backed by a long-held tradition of selecting only the top-performing cows that also meet stringent criteria of quiet temperament and excellent structure.


The Noonee Angus cows are so highly regarded in the industry, that many of the more recent Angus studs in the region have incorporated Noonee Angus females, as well as some older studs too. This includes Karoo, Talooby, Outwest, Hollywood and Hard Hat, amongst others.


We join carefully selected AI sires and homebred bulls to our wonderful cows to produce robust bulls bred to produce well-muscled and growthy progeny for our commercial clients.

If you would like to inspect the 2020 sale bulls, or see the cow herd, please give me a call.


Netta Holmes Lee

0409 651 806

Millah Murrah Loch Up L133

The Loch Up L133 sons show excellent length and weight gain and have been standouts at other spring bull sales.  I like their temperament and structure.  They will grow out into powerful bulls, that will pack great weight for age into their progeny.

loch up March 2019 hi res.jpg

Milla Murrah Loch Up L133

Baldridge Command C036

Joined to most of our heifers, Command proved very easy-calving.  His sons are consistently thick with tremendous muscle and shape. They are very docile and easy to handle. I would think they are best suited to put with heifers to get solid calves with the conformation to get top dollar in the saleyard or over the hook.

COMMAND 9552 (002).jpg

Baldridge Command C036

Te Mania Emperor E343

Emperor really needs no introduction – he is established as one of the all-time great bulls bred in Australia.  I really used him to get a few more daughters in the herd, but his long-bodied, soft sons are useful too.

VTM E343  TeMania Emperor Nov 2013.jpg

Te Mania Emperor E343

MSU CRV Dark Knight

A real outcross sire, we have been thrilled with how Dark Knight has performed.  He gives us slick-coated progeny with plenty of length and weight.  We have soft, feminine daughters that are now 3 years old and on their second calves. They have coped with the tough conditions amazingly well – they did a good job with their first calves and went back into calf easily.  The sons also show the do-ability and weight gain needed for commercial cattle operations.

MSU CRV Dark Knight 041   16660403.jpg

MSU CRV Dark Knight


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