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At Noonee Angus Stud, we sell our bulls younger than the market average. 


Selling bulls at 15 - 16 months old allows our customers to access our genetics earlier, and the bulls are younger, fitter and leaner which leads to a longer working life and better return on investment.

Our bulls are also slightly above the average frame size of Angus Bulls, but have additional thickness and length to ensure production of steers that will suit a range of end markets.


See the maternal strength behind our bulls.

A picture speaks a thousand words - look at the length, volume and constitution of our cows. We do not compromise our standards to accommodate poor structure or temperament in the offspring of fashionable sires.

All cows in the Noonee Angus herd must pass stringent standards for fertility, temperament, structural soundness and performance to remain as part of our breeding program. 

They must have a calf unassisted every year, be quiet and easy to handle, and be structurally sound, particularly in the feet and udder. The Noonee cows have a well-deserved reputation for excellent structure and efficient paddock performance.

Brolga and Ailein Families

Descended from the original Wanbanumba heifers that founded the Noonee herd.

Feminine, easy-doing females.

Noonee Brolga

Ester Family

Descended from the great Ballanee Ester that founded the Merrigrange Ester family.  These are large-framed, soft-skinned cows that produce great bulls.

Ester Y37 is the dam of Noonee Euclid E41 who is in the Angus Sire Testing Scheme.

Noonee Ester

Quality, Winkie and Tarcutta lines

Top maternal lines that were developed by that great breeder of cows Phil Collins.  Although not as well-known as the Wilcoola family, these cows are reliable and consistent breeders with great femininity, fertility and mothering abilities.

Noonee Winkie

Karakara Family

We specially selected three Te Mania cows in the mid 80’s - and the Karakara family proved the best suited to our environment.  In particular, the descendent Noonee Karakara W13 by JBL Exacto is an oustanding cow who has produced many top calves.

Noonee Karakara

Eclypta and Diana Families

These fine-skinned cows descend from a big, roomy NZ cow that also provided the Eclypta family at Ireland Angus.  The Diana’s and Eclypta’s rarely have heifers so we do not have many direct descendants.  However, those we do have are all strong, powerful cattle with great constitution and volume.

Noonee Diana

Hilda Family

The original female came from the NZ herd Waiwhero.  To be honest, they are not always the prettiest of cows, but they are strong, consistent producers of weighty offspring.

Noonee Hilda

Jeanette, Cleo and Eventune lines

These are all superb cow lines that were bred by the great Harry Williams of Victoree.  The Jeanettes seem to carry a twinning gene, and many of them have borne and raised at least one set of twins.  The Eventunes mostly have bull calves and the Cleos tend to be high growth, large framed cattle.

Noonee Jeannette

The Blackbird Family

Glen Bold Blackbird B7+82 was purchased at the National Show and Sale in Albury with a calf at foot.  When they arrived home, they were found to be drenched in diesel due to a leaking drum, so we put halters on them to walk them a couple of hundred metres to a hose for washing.  It was only later we discovered she had never been trained or had a halter on before!  She founded a beautiful line of fine-skinned, roomy, feminine cows with great longevity.

Noonee Blackbird

Nightingale, Adelaide, Lady Adelaide and Thelma Families

All these girls come from some carefully selected females from the Glen Bold Stud in South Australia.  They are the consistent breeders who help form the reliable backbone of the stud.  The cows were originally selected for their structure, length of body and performance - their daughters continue to exhibit these traits.

Noonee Nightingale

Lexy, Lexie, Prinnie  and Ginnie Families

APR cattle descended from our original purebred Angus cows, purchased in the 70’s from Yarrowitch.   These cows are as good as any stud females you would find anywhere.  Our APR cows have the same management and classing criteria as the stud females - and in fact are run in the same mobs without regard to registration status.  It is no surprise to us that the top calf weaned from the mob is often APR.

Noonee Lexy




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