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Noonee Angus in the News!

A STRONG, agile selection of young bulls has impressed buyers at the Noonee Angus stud sale last week, which reached a top price of $10,000.

Forty-four of the 48 bulls offered were sold at Netta Holmes Lee’s 26th on-property stud sale at Larras Lee, averaging $6034, with another three being sold immediately after the sale.

The well-muscled and even line of bulls, with an average age of 15 months old, attracted especially strong bidding from commercial buyers.

The top-priced bull, Noonee Lord L19, was bought by return clients Rob and Cindy Fitzgerald, “West Nombi”, Mullaley.

Mrs Fitzgerald said the 610-kilogram son of Te Mania Emperor E343 and Noonee Ester D28 would be ideal for first and second-time calvers.

The 16-month-old bull, with estimated breeding values (EBVs) of + 5.2 birth weight and +115 600-day weight, will be joined to the younger breeders in the Fitzgerald’s herd of 400 Shorthorns.

Mrs Fitzgerald said the cross of the Angus and Shorthorn was perfect, producing ‘beautiful females’.

“It is the number one cross,” she said.

The Fitzgeralds were impressed with the figures and particularly the temperament of the sixth bull they have bought from Noonee.

“Temperament is everything,” she said.

Mrs Fitzgerald said they were always careful to select bulls which would throw small calves.

“Firstly we want live calves. We don’t have calving problems. And then the calves are up and about and sucking,” she said.

“They are very robust and strong,” Mr Fitzgerald said. “And being crossbreds they have plenty of vigour.”

The Fitzgeralds, who have been breeding Shorthorns since 1975, sell their offspring through JBS Australia or through the sale yards, and are thrilled with their growth.

“The top were 366 kilograms straight off their mums, which were heifers,” Mrs Fitzgerald said.

The youthful bulls also caught the eye of brothers Murray and Kevin Dykes, “Mt Boorithumble”, Euabalong West, who bought eight bulls for a top price of $8000 and an average price of $5875.

A majority of the bulls bought by the brothers were by striking sire Noonee Hannibal H8.

Murray Dykes, who has been buying bulls from Noonee for four years, said the bulls would be joined to 300 Angus-cross breeders.

With about 14,000 hectares, on which the brothers also run Dorpers, Mr Dykes said he was looking for bigger framed calves.

“We want something that can walk,” he said. “The Hannibal H8 sons had plenty of length with outstanding thickness. They were the first ones we picked in each pen.”

Forbes Livestock and Agency Company agent Randal Grayson said the brothers were looking for good structure, temperament and longevity in the cattle.

The brothers aim for the feeder steer market, generally selling their progeny through Forbes sale yards or feelots, but they also have their own private feedlot.

Ms Holmes Lee said the sale was solid, increasing on last year’s average, and offered a lot of value for commercial clients.

She said the stud generally sold its bulls 12 months younger than other studs, as the bulls were more agile and fitter, did not knock the cows around and offered buyers a longer working life.

“And they are ready and willing to work,” she said.

She said the large number of return clients showed great confidence in the stud’s genetics. “The average price for the bulls by the homebred sire Noonee Hannibal H8 outperformed the AI sires, including VAR Reserve 1111 and Milwillah Gatsby G279.

"It validates what we are trying to produce here – quiet, well-muscled, high performance bulls with structural soundness.”

Ms Holmes Lee said she had seen photos of a number of her bulls at an older age.

“It shows that even though they are younger now, they do grow out into big bulls,” she said.

The sale was conducted by Elders with Andy McGoech taking the bids.





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