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Top buyer favours Hannibal H8 sire

The Noonee Angus Bulls also caught the eye of brothers Murray and Kevin Dykes, who purchased eight bulls last Wednesday for a top price of $8,000 and an average price of $5,875.

Favouring length and thickness, the majority of the bulls were by the sire Noonee Hannibal H8.

"Murray walked into each pen and without looking at the catalogue, chose the ones he liked the best. Upon referring back to the catalogue, he saw they were pretty much all the Hannibal H8 sons. He liked them for their thickness and muscle aligned with their length. He explained that many bulls that are well-muscled just do not have the length of body or excellent neck extension and smooth shoulders that the H8 sons have." Netta explained.

Murray Dykes, who has been buying bulls from Noonee for four years, said the bulls would be joined to 300 Angus-cross breeders.

With about 14,000 hectares, on which the brothers also run Dorpers, Mr Dykes said he was looking for bigger framed calves.

“We want something that can walk,” he said. “The Hannibal H8 sons had plenty of length with outstanding thickness. They were the first ones we picked in each pen.”

Forbes Livestock and Agency Company agent Randal Grayson said the brothers were looking for good structure, temperament and longevity in the cattle.





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